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1-4-U offers Premiere® Conferencing Services at tremendous savings. Premiere Conferencing is the largest independent conferencing company in the world with over 50% of Fortune market plus 1000's of small businesses. As part of Premiere's largest reseller group, we can offer Premiere's full line of unique, quality services up to 50% off retail. Our simple zero-cost sign up and straight-forward  pricing make it easy. Pay only for what you use, nothing more. Cancel any time.
···  We're the 1 you've been looking 4 TM
Does your business need to work with international companies? Premiere excels at international conferencing. We welcome international accounts too!   With our unique Global Meet service, international participants can dial local access numbers in major international cities and are instantly connected to your international conference call. Premiere's private international IP network makes Global Meet superior to international toll free options. International cell phone connections are a snap. If your business needs international conferencing, consider Premiere. Visit InteranationalConferencing.com.
web controls
Use our  web interface to control your conferencing. With just a web browser, you can easily set up, conduct and manage a conference call. Manage meeting participation, mute lines, and present PowerPoint slides--all through one interface. Securely store presentations.  Jump into any presentation in your online library to suddenly make you audio conference come alive. Full PowerPointanimation is supported. All of the sudden, you're in control.
24/7 Support
Operators, technical support and trainers are always available 24/7 through Premiere's worldwide, multilingual Customer Care Center. At 3 AM in the morning, you can still get an operator or technical help. Best of all, it's all included in our low per-minute pricing. That's what we call service. Premiere is a winner of the" Excellence in Customer Service" Award in the Better Business Bureau's Large Business Category.
Security & quality protocols are built into every aspect of Premiere's services including redundant operations centers,  dual power grid access with full battery and generator backup, redundant carriers, full network management and monitoring, full back up, firewalls and disaster recovery and capacity planning. No more static lines,  busy signals or insecure connections. With over 71,000 business customers, Premiere delivers quality every time. Isn't it time to upgrade?
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