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ReadyConference Plus
Premium features in one integrated service:
Introducing ReadyConference® Plus
globe 5Audio & Web Conferencing
Powerful Audio Conferencing PLUS it's easy and inexpensive to add a PowerPoint® Slide presentation.
Whether it's a regularly scheduled meeting or an impromptu brainstorming session, ReadyConference® Plus from Premiere® Conferencing, is the reliable, full service, reservationless conferencing product for your everyday needs.

ReadyConference Plus features:

Dedicated dial-in number, passcode, and Web link: Use anytime, from anywhere 24/7.

Manage your entire meeting from one screen: powerful real time controls provided through our web interface.

Add Visuals on Demand: Add web conferencing slide presentations anytime for only 9¢/min more. ReadyConference® Plus supports full PowerPoint® functions including PowerPoint's audio and video capabilities.

Uploading presentations is easy: Access and store numerous presentations from your own online library.

Easy to use: ReadyConference® Plus requires no complex training and is the most intuitive audio and Web conferencing tool available.

24/7 Multilingual Customer Support: When you need assistance, Premiere award winning customer service is available at anytime by pressing *0.

Polling: Ask questions and let participants respond with their phone dial pad. The system gathers information and presents the aggregate results in charts.

Branding: Record your own personalized greeting: "Welcome to Weekly Review Meeting." Change it anytime via phone, minutes or days in advance

Optional Scheduling: Lock in the start and end times of your conference for added security. Your conference is only active during the time interval that you set. Only 1¢/min more.

Cost Effective: ReadyConference® Plus offers a low per-minute rate. Add web conferencing anytime for only 9¢/min more.

Initial Training: If you are new to conferencing or web conferencing, Premiere makes it easy to start with a complementary initial training session that you may request.
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1-4-U Conference Call only sells quality Premiere Conferencing services at deep discount prices. You get the best of everything in conferencing: low cost, high quality, advanced features and a vendor you can stay with and trust (NYSE: PGI).

Premiere Conferencing is a $200M company with 71,000 customers worldwide. Over 50% of Fortune 500 businesses use Premiere services. We can handle any size business from the largest corporation to a small business.

Use any of our services anytime and pay only for what  you use, nothing more. All of your usage is on one bill. Choose the payment method that is best for you (invoice, credit card, etc.). No commitments or minimums.  Cancel anytime. Why not sign up today? It's easy and free.

International accounts welcome. Premiere can service companies in almost all countries. Billing and payment are available in almost any currency. Premiere's 24/7 customer service supports most major languages.
ReadyConference Plus Rates*
Toll Access
Toll Free**

* Rates apply to total minutes used by all participants.

** Applicable to participant dial-in or moderator dial-out, same price, toll free

*** A scheduled reservationless call means the moderator locks-in the start and end times for the conference call so the call is only active during this scheduled time period. Can be done minutes or days in advance.

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